What is trade for people and planet?

We want trade deals to be democratic, to benefit working people and the environment. We need to revolutionize the trade model and create a new global economy based on collaboration and ecological well-being.

Democratic and Transparent

We want an entire replacement of NAFTA and any new trade deals to be negotiated through a democratic and transparent process that includes broad swaths of society, not just corporations.

Worker Rights and Unions

We want a higher minimum wage, strict enforcement of labor regulations, strong unions and the repeal of right-to-work laws so there can be a working class that achieves justice and is treated with respect in the United States.

Environmental Protections

Trade deals must require strict environmental protections that address climate change and prepare to defend the most vulnerable communities from environmental disasters.


Trade for People and Planet is an action campaign to replace the free trade model with a trade model that protects workers and the environment in all countries involved. As the free trade model has been challenged globally, it is necessary to not only resist corporate trade deals but propose a new way of doing trade: Trade for People and the Planet.

Corporate trade deals affect many issues, including worker’s rights and wages, environmental collapse and climate change, sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more. Join us in resisting NAFTA 2 and creating a new global economy!


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